Creating vision boards…

Creating vision boards is todays challenge. After 8 hours sleep I have come to the conclusion that a balcony with a view is a dream that is very much alive for me. Still not sure if this has to be my balcony or if it means travelling. I have to explore that some more.

About sleep – enough sleep is one of four habit goals I have created for myself for the month of September and I am doing fine. 8 hours is the ultimate goal. For now I am happy with 6 hours. That is a lot more than my usual sleep.

I have revisited some of my vision boards from January…

Forget the tools. Being a handyman is not a part of my dream life. Wish it could be but a girl has to be realistic:), but I would love to fit those pants. For now I am settling with having a healthy dinner every day and eating at least one fruit. Also one of my habit goals.

About smoking – Last week I started tracking how many cigarettes I was smoking every day. Doing so I unconsciously cut back smoking. Maybe I was afraid of looking at the fact? I will stay with the half part during September because I think I have to shift around on some habits. You know – the smoke you just have to have after every meal…

Okay – I`m off to work my 12 hours shift. Happy Friday!

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1 Response to Creating vision boards…

  1. helena says:

    I understand the dream of a balcony with a view. Intruiging to have an end dream and not sure on the details that get you there.

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