Back in February I said this about values and passion:

Do I have a passion? I don`t think so, obsessions? Yes. Certainly a lot of obsessions!

Do I have a cause? Well, I do remember a time where I had a burning compassion for causes, but that is a long time ago.

Do I have life work? Oh yes! I always had a compassionate relationship with my work.  Under cover of working for a consumer owned store chain I do declare my employment as life work. It may not be a noble cause but that does not bother me at all.

I guess this statement still stands – obsessions, that is what makes me tick.

I did enter this “Live a Better Life 30 days challenge” thinking it would be something totally new to me, but I have done similar things before.

The Art of Becoming More – a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking with Kolette Hall back in 2008. At the time things like this was new to me. I had no idea what I was doing and I invested a lot of time and energy in this class. It was the first class I took online and doing so in a foreign language was challenging.

I made an album I am very proud of and the three words I came up with during the brainstorming for values at the beginning of class was: Growth, learning and family. Other words were loyalty, honesty and hard-working. I wanted to spend less time at work, smoke less and get fit. I wanted to learn something enjoyable.  It was fun to read and discover that I actually have made some of the changes I said I would make. Still working on the smoke less issue though…

Next up was Stacy Julian`s class Have More Fun at BPS. I do not remember why we made this but I always thought of it as my mantra…

It`s called the eight principles of fun. It has been translated back and forth so something might have been changed from it`s orign. Still hanging on the wall in front of my computer it reads: Do what is important to me. Find what inspires me. Make time for me. Be creative. Don`t follow the rules. Take the challenges. Take control and don`t be too busy. Do something.

And we made this…

This has been a constant vision board for me. Everything still works for me – even if it wasn`t meant to be a vision board when I made it.

Through Aby Garvey`s classes at Simplify 101 I learned to set goals and find my values and other vision boards emerged…

And the more practical ones…

So – what about my values…

  • Commitment
  • Creativity
  • Inspired
  • Honesty
  • Selflessness

As my friend Jean use to say: I have to mull over this but for now I am good.

I walked the trail this morning to clear my head and make my Mission Statement…

Happy Sunday!



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3 Responses to Values…

  1. helena says:

    all those ‘lifes lessons’ classes desguised as scrapping classes – Stacey and BPS are so good at it.I’m feeling the same with the challenge – waiting for something I have not already worked on in some way. But I don’t have the great art peices to go with mine.

    • elinjanne says:

      Yeah, they are really good at it.

      I felt like I had a revelation of some kind this afternoon when I read through my album from Kolette`s class:) -elin-

  2. Jean says:

    What a view! What an incredible place in which to mull. 😉

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