Sunday Creative – Timeworn…

I took another walk yesterday because I wanted to take a photo for Madeline Bea`s Sunday Creative challenge. I just knew what photo I wanted, but something happened today to make me change my mind.

If it is one word I can use about the house I live in it would be “Timeworn”. It is a perfect fit. It is ugly and one room inside my appartment is sealed off because the roof leaks. Even worse – I can`t get anything done inside because of the lack of a proper roof.


 Simply Timeworn.

                                      Yeah – it is a beauty.

The harbor may be protected from the elements but not the houses.

Coming home this afternoon I met four young good looking men admiring the roof. They were called out to give an estimate on a new roof. Yes – finally something!!! I am not sure if I dare to believe it will actually happen but I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

One more reason to enjoy the fantastic weather and the colors of September…

Okay – I have a lot of goals  to make. So far I planned my retirement. Now all I have to do is figure out how I am gonna get there:)

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