Scrapbooking vacation album…

This weekend has been all about scrapbooking a vacation album. I have never done that before and with all the cute photos of the kids just coming back from print I just had to make a vacation album. Because I want to use different sizes I will use a 12 x 12 album. Deciding what album to use for my Library of Memories layouts turned out to be much harder than I expected but I finally went for  the  W R Memorykeepers classic leather in black. Which means I have a few leftover albums to use for theme albums.


My brother, Kjellaug and I came to Viva Bahia Mallorca looking forward to a nice and calm two weeks vacation. Kjellaug went down with  prolapse in her back the week before and needed all the rest she could get.

Guess what?

We left the man in the house alone on the balcony with a glass of brandy the third day there and when we came back from the beach he had called home and invited the daughter in-laws and the grandchildren to join us for the second week.

We will never leave him alone every again. After the initial shock had faded we couldn`t wait for them to arrive. Kristian didn`t want to go  because there were fish in the pool so we had to take a photo of grandma in the pool to assure him that it was no fish in the pool. Even a fisherman can be scared of the fish…

We did have a nice and calm first week – almost. Looking back I do feel that we spent more time organizing for the family to join us than having vacation. You see – the travel was the easy part, finding room was a totally different thing. In the end the girls found a room close enough to take a taxi back and forth to our hotel.

While the girls and the kids prepared to travel we enjoyed champagne after breakfast. A gift from the hotel to celebrate Kjellaug`s birthday…

I`m doing this album without much planning. Really quick and simple. It would be perfect to do this album digitally but because printing was so cheap right now I opted to print. More vacation coming later on.

I ordered a batch of digital layouts at Scrapping that came back to me before the weekend and I spent time getting them into the albums yesterday.

I have a hard time understanding how it can be so cheap to do this in USA compared to Norway. Love the look and the feel of these layouts. I love to play with paper and glue but nothing beats the look of these fresh prints. They are beautiful.

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