Book of Stories…

Yes – I did say I wouldn`t sign up for any classes at BPS this fall. Guess what? I did anyway. I couldn`t resist Karen Grunberg`s Book of Stories class. If I had read the class description I would have known that it would be weeks of miss and hit for me. Right know we are looking for inspiration to “find the stories”. Every day we receive a daily trigger from Karen. It can be a photo or what ever. I must be the only one – but, those photos don`t trigger much for me:) The first photo was a bowl filled with berries. Nada. The only thing I could think of was the berries patch from my childhood. I remember my father going there before dinner at Sundays during the season. He loved eating gooseberries straight from the bushes. Now – why would he do that before dinner, and why was he gone for so long? Was he doing something else? Hm…

The flight was delayed and mummy had to buy gifts. That makes everything so much easier:). He was a first timer and he was sure about the angels being black. Who knows? He might be right about that.

She has been in the air twice and is a pro. Although she also appreciate gifts.

Super mummy is busy testing the sunglasses – probably grateful for sleeping children.

About stories – this will be a vacation album with cute kids, beach and pool. But I have a few stories I want to tell. Things we talked about during the vacation. Tales from our childhood. Thoughts about the events that is about to happen in our family. I know I will need some space to write and have decided to add some 6 x 12 pages to the mix. I could have used divided page protectors but it is so inconvenient since the prints are smaller than 4 x 6 inches. Ali Edwards templates from the Yesterday & Today class is perfect for this…

I love this template and it is easy to prints. No fuzz. I love that even more:)

I have a lot of stories for this album because we talked a lot during those two weeks and right now I am focused on this album. Browsing my brain for stories from the past is a different challenge.

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