Travelling without camera…

I always find it hard to decide to bring the camera or not when I go on vacation. It is such a hazel to bring the camera bag. This time I made a last-minute decision to leave it at home. I was okay with that. But that was until it was decided that the kids would join us. It would be very easy to have the girls to bring the camera and we had to talk this over more than once. In the end we decided that we would spend the time focusing on the kids instead of focusing through the lens. It was not an easy decision.

In the end we did not need to worry about the camera. We had a pro among us:) And it was so much more fun to play without stressing out over aperture or what ever…

According my time management plan for this week I should have made several vacation layouts this evening. Not happening. Instead of scrapbooking I had to pull a 13 hours shift at work. The good thing? Tomorrow is another day:)

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