How to join the ultimate challenge in scrapbooking…

so…what is the ultimate challenge in Scrapbooking? It is “Layout a day” LOAD – hosted by Lain Ehman starting October 1. You do not want to miss out on the fun. If you do need an excuse for not doing the laundry or what ever doing LOAD is the best excuse.  Lain is funny – or she think so. And we are the nicest group of scrapbookers on the web. That we are.

 My layouts from the LOAD challenge in May.

Some days when I work those 12 hours shift I have to make my page digital and that is okay. You can make them any way you like. Any size – they all count. And it is okay if you can`t  deliver every day. Failure is not a word we use in the LOAD community. Even if you don`t have time to make your page that day it is fun to take a look in the flicr gallery and see what the girls have made that day. It is fun to comment because we all appreciate every comment. It don`t have to be well said but we love to hear that someone took a look and acknowledge what we created.

It is Fall and it is raining inside and outside. Can`t tell you how happy I was when I got the call before the weekend saying that the house will be blessed with a new roof during October – if the weather will allow them to do the work. Finally after years of nagging this old house will have a new roof.

I finally made a tickler-file. Suddenly felt a need for one with all those papers with goals, new habits, tracking-forms and so on. Exited to see if I can get it to work for me.

I have had the weekend off and for once I had no inspiration for scrapbooking or anything creative at all. I cleaned the house when I came home from work Friday and had all the time in th world to play. And no inspiration. I even cleaned my craft room and still no inspiration. So I sat down and worked on Celestine Chua`s Live a better life in 30 days challenge. Not that I wasn`t up to date with the challenge but there is always something to dwell on:)

I think it was a link on Cele`s blog  that brought me to this blog and the hours were ticking away…After reading, printing and thinking I have come the conclusion that everything is covered in Aby Garvey`s classes at Simplify 101. Her Goal class running in January covers the same. The only difference is that she give it to us in a simplified way. Meaning – it is easier to understand where we are going. And the community at Simplify 101 is the nicest. Can`t wait to start the GOAL class in January.

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  1. Barb in AK says:

    I won’t be taking LOAD this year (maybe she’ll offer it sometime when I can give it my attention). I am going to be taking Picture Fall at BPS starting Oct. 1 🙂

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