How to celebrate the small achievements…

If you have followed my rambling for a while you know I live in a rented building. A building from 1947 which is pretty run-down. You also know that I am happy about a new roof coming this way. All good things come my way this month. Today I do the happy dance because I have a new water tap in the bathroom…

What more can a girl want? Okay – I did have to be a little sneaky to get it, so what? I deserved a new tap. So – how do you celebrate the small achievements? Well – since September is the month for living your life with excellence – I can`t celebrate with chocolate can I?

Oh how I wish it was chocolate!

I do try to create some new habits this month. Taking a walk every day is one of them. Doing that when the sky looks like it is opening up the floodgates any minute is not what makes me a happy girl…

I am much happier inside…

I am just saying that at the end of September this walking thing is one of the goals that will be revised.

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