How to create new habits…

Well – if I knew how to create new habits I would have sold the idea:) So – I have to trust someone else on this. Two years ago I tried to make a habit of not complaining, criticizing or gossiping. The idea was to wear a bracelet on your left hand and if you broke the habit you had to switch the bracelet to the right hand. You had to wear the ugly thing on one hand for 21 days to consider it a habit.

Did I do well? No.

But I like the idea of breaking in a new habit for 21 days. If I don`t have to start over to often:)

That`s the reason I did take a walk this afternoon even if I rather had stayed inside and watched Hurtigruta  from my window.

It was cold and windy this afternoon and the day is getting shorter every day.

Scrapbooking every day is also a habit I love. Though I know I can do that for 21 days in a row. That habit has been confirmed many times in the LOAD challenge. Now is a good time to get back into the habit since LOAD October is starting in a week.

The writing on her t-shirt says: I`m a tough cookie. Yes she is. The second morning she was visiting at Viva Bahia during our vacation she had me walking up and down the street spending euros on those stupid cows. She had to ride every cow, horse and reindeer she saw. Okay – she was all smile and kisses if she had things her way. At the end of the street when every cow, horse and reindeer had been taken for a ride we started the walk back kissing and hugging every one of them goodby. Not once – but twice. You got to love her strong will.

And the list of new habits goes on…sleep, cigarettes, food, cleaning…

It is safe to say that I will revisit the theme in the weeks to come:)

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