How to set yourself up for success…

…or rather, how to avoid failure. These last weeks I have learned that writing long to do lists every day is a sure way to end the day feeling very unsuccessful. Because at the end of the day the same things is left unhooked. The things you do not want to do.

I no longer have a to do list…

I still write things down, but not as to do lists. More like emptying my brain and think things through before making decisions of what has to be done today – beside the routines.

I did take my walk this evening. It was cold and it was getting dark. No one says it has to be unpleasant to take a walk so I cut it short. Very short:)

Before my walk I cleaned the house without sitting down once. That is a first for me. Taking breaks is the only good thing about cleaning…

The good feeling of a clean house.

I am getting into LOAD mood and have started practising a layout a day…

Easy today – just a second page for yesterday`s layout. Easy is good.

So – today is about habits, cleaning and scrapbooking. But, really…this week is all about the Norwegian spy Arne Treholt. The never-ending story of Arne Treholt. From early morning to late night. Even me is watching TV. Sitting here waiting for the Friday night show because Treholt is the main guest. What can he have to say that hasn`t been said before? This man and his trial – more than twenty-five years ago, still set the agenda of the news.

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1 Response to How to set yourself up for success…

  1. Barb in AK says:

    Keep posting your LOADs. I LOVE your layouts!
    Thanks, Barb

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