What would you do if today is your last day alive?

What would you do if today is your last day alive?

That’s the answer that the bucket list answers. It’s a list of all the things you want to do before you die. From places you want to visit, things you want to see, things you want to experience, events you want to witness, people you want to meet, and more…

This is from Celestine Chua`s blog post today. It is day 27 in the Live a better life in 30 days challenge. I am plugging along even if I hit a roadblock yesterday. Meditation is not my kind of fun and I acknowledge that fact. My kind of meditation is to sit down and have a quiet moment with no stress – even if the situation is very stressful. I also like to have 30 min. after breakfast without any plans for things to do. If I start walking in circles – I sit down and have a moment. But – don`t call it meditation, that makes me out-of-place.

Certainly I could feel some level of meditation walking “Utom landet” early this morning. Locking myself up in the bedroom with candles and a timer? I don`t think so. Not me.

So – back to the beginning. What would I do if this was the last day in my life? Well, since there is only so much I get done in one day – I would lean back and enjoy myself. Just like now. If I had more time? Well, I probably would go on and I am pretty sure I wouldn`t climb any mountains. Maybe I would have reflected about what I could do to make sure everyone left behind was okay. Now – if I had more than one day…that need some more thinking. Or meditation?

I was up at 3.30 this morning and I was at work at 5am. I had to move everything movable out of the store so it could be ready for the guys who was coming in to wax the floors at 10am. And I wanted to walk the trail before the rest of the population was out there. It is so much more pleasant to do in solitaire. How could I know that they would call in at 2pm? So – no napping for me today. An early evening sounds like a good plan. Because – tomorrow morning everything has to be moved back in. That is less fun.

Instead of napping I sat down and did some scrapbooking…

She is our princess. She spent the night at our hotel during our vacation. Her brother had to go with his mother and aunt to another hotel to sleep. She slept on an extra bed. If we had known that this bed was the best bed in the hotel we would have bribed her out of it. Her grandfather has a trick. If he says she is not allowed to go to bed – that is what she wants to do. No problem at bedtime. She slept like a princess. And she woke up as a princess…

She adopted my bed. All good. Getting her ready for breakfast – well, that is a totally different story.

So – pretending to have more than one day left to live I will spend some time creating a bucket-list…

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