Library of Memories…

Sometimes I love my sister in-law. This afternoon she had something I wanted and needed when she pulled up in her pick-up…

I really needed more storage for my LOM system and now I have it. All good things happen to me this month. Still have some mess to sort out because I had to move everything out of the old shelve to make room for the new one. You know – let`s empty this shelve – like now. That`s okay because I love how it turned out.

And – scrapbookers, don`t forget to sign up for LOAD October 2010. One day left.

I agree – it is important to look good, even in the water:) She knows that.

Okay – it`s time for dishes and today`s walk. Phu…all those new habits:) There is one day left of September and then it is time to revise how I did with all my new habits.

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1 Response to Library of Memories…

  1. Barb in AK says:

    Your new shelves look amazing!
    Have fun with your LOAD class. I am going to take Picture Fall.

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