At the end of September…


So – what to do in October?

Let`s take a look at how I`m doing with my new habits:)

Cigarettes – well, I am still counting towards 21 days of smoking half of what I normally do. I smoked a cigarette too much the three days I was working double shifts. But – I am on day 16 now so I`m getting there eventually.

Sleeping habits – I am doing far better here. 6 hours every night and I can feel the difference during my day. I have a lot more energy and it is easier to concentrate on my tasks. I started on my new sleeping regime before September so I guess I have passed the 21 days but according my counting I have 8 days left. That is okay because it will be hard to add another half hour:)

Walking – I have been outside walking 11 days in a row. In January I made a goal statement that said I would walk up the steps to Ergan without getting breathless in April. In April I hadn`t even been outside:) I tried last night to walk the steep steps up there. It hurt – I`m just saying.

Loosing weight without dieting – Yes, I am a dreamer. Then again – I have lost the 2,5 kg I set as a goal in September so I might be on to something good.

There is more – healthy eating, flossing, cleaning…and I am hanging in there. Not so sure if it is wise to add new ones to my list just yet:)

I still have to clean the mess of my desk to be ready to make the first layout for tomorrow`s LOAD challenge. Can`t wait to see what Lain have for us. I do plan to make my first page in the morning without getting Lain`s inspiration. Since she moved time zone her prompts often come late in my time zone so I have to work a day behind if I want to follow her lead. That is okay.

I could not stay away from Reneé Pearson`s Collage 101 class beginning today. Since all the downloads and lessons are there for us to access right away it is so hard to go step by step. The first challenge is to find collages that inspires me…


And there is more out there – a lot more. It`s still time to sign up for this class. I love the inspiration in the first lesson. Okay – I still have some cleaning to finish and a walk to walk:)

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