Waking up with a plan and an update


It is time to think about Christmas. What better use of a rainy day than to start the deep cleaning for Christmas? Is that a normal thing for me to do? No – that is a tradition I started last year. I finally realized that if I wanted to clean the house before Christmas – starting in October was a good plan.

And yes – starting in the last week of October is not the best of plans, but I have to work with what I have. Right now – I don`t have enough hours in the day.

The best layout of a good plan is to dived it into one part work and one part pleasure. That I am good at. With that in mind I now move on to lunch:)

 So – the breaks are longer than the hours I clean, but who cares? During my breaks I enjoy watching Cathy Zielske`s videos from her Design your Life class at BPC. Some of the templates I have used over and over again. This is one of the few I only used one time and never as a digital template.

The vacuum. I do ask my self why I keep the carpets coming into my home since I hate to vacuum. Give me a bucket of water and a cloth but not the vacuum – please. So – I have cleaned two-thirds of the hall. Walls and ceiling. Almost ready to tackle the rest.

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