goodbye summer-time…and the guy who deals the weather got the message. Outside a storm is brewing and I really hope the scaffolding around the house holds up. I am not worried about the scaffolds – I am sure the boys did a good job with them. But – they are attached to a rotten building:) Anyway – I am sure they will sing wonderful songs for me when I go to bed this evening. The scaffolds – not the boys.

I want you to meet our Halloween – monster…

I am sure Kristian was a great monster – but did he sleep last night? That is the question.

The plan for the day was to scrapbook and deep clean my bathroom. More scrapbooking – less cleaning, and that is how the day went. I`m half way there in the bathroom and I finished the October Load Challenge.

Day 31…

She was the last one of the siblings to go home that evening. Grandpa and grandma was babysitting and grandma had taken her brothers home at bedtime. Hoping she could get them to sleep while grandpa entertained the big sister. The only problem was that grandpa had promised the big sister a CD-player if she played nice. Guess who turned up the volume when she came home?

Always a little sad to end a good thing so I had to make one more page today…

Not enough photos of this cute baby boy – has to be something to do with him being the third child in the family. He is cute and he love ice-cream.

I wanted to make the layout from Nic Howard`s handout at BPC about the color red. I also had an idea about what photo I wanted to use. I am weird like that because when I get an idea about what I want to do nothing can stop me. Since I had no photo paper I had to work digitally and I was okay with that. Playing with the digital tools is fun.

In the summer of 1974 my sister in-law`s family packed up their home and moved from the south of Norway to the north – where her father grew up. A big move for the family and I love that she has these photos. It make this move so much more real. Since they didn`t stay that long this part of her story is often overlooked.

I do feel a little obsessed with red at the moment:) and I wasn`t that happy with the page. I just had to go back and make another version…

Good old Cathy Zielske. Who – by the way looks better and younger than ever these days:)

Much more happy with this even if the big photo don`t have the pixels to this enlargement. I wanted to use that photo because of the background wich speak volumes about 1974. The text is mine since this is one of those family stories you ask about and get no good answers…

The journaling reads:

In the summer of1974 Ansgar fill up the car with everything he owns. He moves his family up north in Norway – where he grew up. Maybe it was the belief in a better future for himself and his family up there in the north? Maybe it was the adventure that was the attraction? It could not have been easy to gain support for the decision from the household’s three young ones. When I moved back home in 1998, it was Ansgar who asked the question: “Are you sure that your childhood valley is as green as you remember it?” It was probably not – for neither of us.

Load October 2010.

How do you feel about using red? That was Nic`s question for us. I was going to answere that I was challenged by red. I guess you might say I am color-challenged. Periode.

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1 Response to Color-challenged

  1. Barb in AK says:

    Congratulations on finishing LayOut A Day!!! Yippeee! Of course, once the ball is rolling, it’s easier to keep the momentum, yes?
    I LOVE using red!!! It’s one of my favorite colors. I like to combine it with black, or blue, or gray 🙂 I like to dress with reds, too 🙂

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