How about another photo class

I know – I know…yet another photo class. Keep trying to understand the magic called photography. It`s really hard for a slow learner like me:) That does not take away the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you log on to a new classroom…

One more first day in yet another photography class…Maybe it`s a good thing that I don`t give up but keep trying? Logging on to a new forum and say hello – meeting new people, new teacher, a new teaching philosophy  and one more way of explaining things. The expectation that this time I will understand – yes, this time I am sure my mosquito brain will understand what it is all about. I make my way around the site and make myself look good in the forum. I read the brand new lesson, and when it`s time to practice…There is no moving objects in my home – no people, no animal…Yet again I have to find one of those things I love and upgrade them to be my best friend. This month my best friend will be this bird in cheap glass. Handmade in Poland and given to me by my mother. Probably made in China but given from the heart – like all my mothers gifts.

I have read the first lesson in Katrina Kennedy`s Your Life: Captured through the Lens. I like what I have seen so far. Maybe this time I will understand what it`s all about? Even if November in Norway is not a good month for natural light:)

I had one of those scary moments when I came home from work this afternoon. Earlier today I had go home and disconnect some fuses. A guys working up on the roof needed the electricity disconnected to be able to work up there. I was happy to help – only to come home and discover that I also had a dark and silent craft room. No computer. Wow – that was….###

So there I was – totally frozen up. What did I do? I took a nap. While the guys were banging outside my window and up on the roof I slept like a baby. When I woke up I stood staring into the dark room, and like the brave little soldier I am I connected the fuse again and logged into my computer. Now – all I have to remember is to take the fuse out before going to bed. I would hate to kill one of these young handsome men:)

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2 Responses to How about another photo class

  1. Barb in AK says:

    NAP! Great idea 🙂

  2. Tammy says:

    Good luck on your photography! I had the great opportunity to take Karen Russell’s class at a scrapbook store in FL a week ago. I learned soooooo much. I just hope I’ll be able to put it into practice one of these day.

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