Load 211

Yes – it is that time of the year again. If you are unfamiliar with  Load Challenge you should take a look HERE. I have just finished reading all the posts in Lain Ehman`s blog hop and I have enjoyed reading up on how the girls gets ready for the challenge.

This is my eight Load. I have done them all and I have finished them all. How do I prepare myself for making a layout every day? I don`t. The real challenge is the light during February and October because you have to take a photo and upload to Flickr. That is a challenge when there is no daylight. A scan is okay but I find that taking a photo is much easier.

If I have the photos printed I make paper layouts. If there is no prints I want to work with I go digital. I need to be inspired to be creative. A story, a photo, a design, Lain`s daily prompt, Lain`s guests, a layout uploaded in the Flickr gallery, what ever… If I am inspired it is easy to make a layout a day. And Load 211 is all about being inspired.

Despite the fact that I have a cold, my back gave in, both my phones gave up life, all the other classes I try to keep up with and crazy hours during the first week…I can`t wait to get started:)

If you have considered joining us but can`t decide I very much recommend you to jump in on the blog hop.

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5 Responses to Load 211

  1. Junelle says:

    I have always enjoyed your pages…I am thrilled to be part of the mix again this year and glean from the inspiration that you and so many others have to share. I will pray for you health, too. It is hard to be focused when you don’t feel great.

    Take care & see you in LOAD~

  2. Barb in AK says:

    I am so like that, too. I have to have the inspiration to keep motivated. That’s why I love Big Picture Classes. I was thinking about joining LOAD this time. I’ve never done it before, and maybe 28 days is something I can handle ? I will go read the blog hop and get more inspiration. I may be seeing you in class 🙂

  3. Gayle says:

    So glad you stopped by my blog during the LOAD hop! I look forward to seeing your layouts in February, congratulations on this being your 8th LOAD!

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi there – thanks so much for dropping by my blog during yesterday’s blog hop. It was lovely to see you there and I very much look forward to seeing your beautiful creations in the gallery – you have such a wonderful style, I always love what you create.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Was so happy to see your comment on my blog today. I am a novice LOADer and can’t wait to start. Looking forward to getting to know you and seeing your pages.

    Mama_Du on Flickr

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