A totally ordinary Saturday in January

Where did January go anyway? I am way, way behind with everything.

I am feeling better today. Nothing like a double shift following an early shift to make you feel good when it is all over with:)

We don`t have the best weather but like an old man said this morning – we have nothing to complain about compared to the people in Australia. Well said but I have to admit I did have to take a look outside when the noise hit home…

                                                        I guess winter is still on.

Working the early shift means I am home early – with a lot of plans. translated – the washing machine is working and I am meditating about my goals for 2011. There are a few things repeating them self every year. I don`t like to use someone elses words but “eat less – move more” is a line you read all over the web:) Thanks to Cathy Zielske. I guess I have to face the truth. Photos from last weekend says it all. I am a growing girl.

I am so not motivated for dieting right now. At least I don`t want to keep my obsessive focus on dieting. It is so depressing during the winter. I just have to watch my intake of cakes and sweets and I promise I will not use the words eat less – move more ever again:)

                                                         Back to drafting goals…

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