Telling the truth – or not

I am thinking about what photos and stories I want to work with during the February challenge called Load. I already have some stories in mind and last night I finally put in an order for print. The prints will not be back before next week but I`m okay with that. Most of the Sunday was spent working with the last four months of photos. It was a mess. Delete has not been my favourite lately. I knew December was bad so I was happy that I found a few good ones:)

I know. He blinks. Poor guy – the flash was going off every other second. I love this photo because the two of them share a moment. The youngest boys in their own generation. I can spin a lot of stories around that. Or do I tell him that we bought this gift for him because we needed it…because he was so young that he didn`t understand we had a selfish motive:) Not a big deal but sometime I do wonder about telling the truth. Often I hide behind “my point of view”.

                                                          I have had a long day…


                                  And I was home at 8pm. I am too old to do double shifts.

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