Truthtelling or selctive memories

Funny things happen when family meets after a long time without seeing each other. In our family we always come back to our childhood summers when our cousins visited – sometimes for weeks. My seven year older brother remembers all the bad stuff. I live in my own pink cocoon only remembering the good stuff, like going on adventures, playing in the barn and going swimming every day. The scary thing is that the cousins remember a third truth.

Storytelling can be a challenge. I made my first layout for the Load challenge today. 

Last Friday we had a funeral in the family and Saturday the family gathered for a dinner. Our sweet girl surprised us all and gave a rose to the grieving daughters. We don`t protect the young ones from the reality of life so she was fully aware of what was going on, but you never know how much they understand.

Today`s prompt from Lain was to use a photo that spoke to you. This was the photo that inspired me to tell a story. It is grainy and unclear but I am okay with that. I picked the paper and the design. I wrote the journaling during lunch hour earlier today.

The story is so sweet. The ting is – I forgot to tell that the sweet girl also had moments when she went nuts.

That there were moments when she craved attention and all the things kids normally do. I just forgot. I finished my page and uploaded to the Flicr gallery and called it done. I had to make an edited page.

Before printing I have to decide how cute the story needs to be – or I might have to write an addition; telling all the craziness that was said and done that evening.

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1 Response to Truthtelling or selctive memories

  1. kevin blumer says:

    story tellling is so so easy i live telling stories all you have to do with a story is try to make it positive sometimes that can be hrd seeing a positve in a bad story

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