12 hours of sleep

Wow – I have slept for 12 hours. I don`t think I have done that since early 80`s. I was tired and wasn`t feeling that good when I came home from work yesterday and the idea was to try to sleep past a pain-attack. It did kind of work out that way. I did wake up three hours later soaked in sweat with a strong sense of nausea. After throwing up I went back to bed and fell asleep again. No pain-attack, and I am ready for another day at work.

The plan was to add a frame to the photo set-up. You might say I missed by an inch:) But – I did take Karen Grunberg`s free class: Embrace Imperfection and I just let go of the need to remake the page. Oh – I would have done if I have had another set of photos:)

In Karen`s class Finding your Way we were supposed to make a page everyday. Since I`m doing Lain Ehmann`s Load I will have another go at doing that in May so I am not stressing. Karen is giving us a lot to think about in her class and I will need more time to work through the stuff. I do have a clear understanding of the things I prefer but I need a lot more time to see how that will affect my way of scrapbooking:)

Happy Friday and welcome April-Fools day!

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