A troubled Saturday night

Kristian and I both had a turbulent Saturday night…

He was enjoying all the perks of a sleepover at grandma`s house before he decided that he wanted to go home – again:) Of course grandma put the little guy in the car and took him home while grandpa was pissed because of all the trouble they went through to make this happen.

I went to bed counting my blessing of having no pain attacks for a week. I wasn`t done counting before the pain hit, pushing me into eight hours of hell. The doctor called me Friday and told me he was making a request for an assessment in the hospital. That might take weeks. I know that calling the emergency when the pain hit will make things move on a little faster but I like to think I can endure while I wait in line:)

This was not how I imagined myself at fifty…

Now – all I have to do is to make a plan on how I can make everything I planned for today happen in a lot shorter time. I have to go to work today – even if it is Sunday. I just have to and I have to be back at work at 5am tomorrow morning. Since I didn`t fall asleep before seven this morning I have to get some quality time in bed somewhere between working. It is hard to turn night and day to normal when the night is destroyed of those pain attacks.

But – I can make it work.

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