One little word


This is the first year I have chosen one word to focus on through out the year. Oh I have tried once or twice before but this is the first time my word ment something to me. I picked the word balance. As in balancing time. Time at work, at home, with family and so on. I signed up for Ali Edwards “One little word” community at Big Picture classes and I planned on using the page protectors she recommended. When I couldn`t get my hands on those I skipped the album making. That`s me. If I can`t do it right I am not doing it.

Anyway I have focused on my word – or rather my word has focused on me. Without reading Ali`s monthly handouts I have done everything “by the book”. So since I already had done the “work” I thought it would be a good idea to actually document the stuff I had done. I do love Ali`s beautiful artwork given to us but I did not bother to resize it to make it fit my 4×4 inch.

All in all I am up to date with documenting my one little work. Now all I have to do is writing a note to my future self. I can do that because I do that all the time – if I could remember where I left them…

Okay – it is Monday morning 4am and I am ready for another day at work. Talk about balanace:)

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