Weeks in the life – two totally different weeks

The last week in  June was my chosen week. I knew July would be all about work and I have been known to document my boring everyday moments more than once. Back in June I was home from work because of my surgery and had all the time in the world to document my week. It is a challenge to be there – with the camera all the time.

I started to work on the album the week after. I finally decided to make a letter sized album. Every day started with one page with words using a template designed by Ali Edwards and for the following page I used one of Cathy Zielske`s design as base.

Then I used some of CZ`s designs or at least they were inspired by her simple style:) The important thing was that I could print the text on the cardstock.

I had no urge to be creative. The important thing was to write the stories before I forgot and finish the album before it became one of those forgotten projects.

Almost done. Two pages left to make but I have to wait for the delivery of ink for the printer to arrive…

Saturday July 23, the first day in my normal “Week in the Life” did not turn out normal at all.

Not normal at all. Last week was far from normal. Work, scrapbooking and sleep, and then there was news every hour of the day. Tears, roses, marches, speeches,news and more tears.

There is no way I could cover what happened with my own words so I bought a few newspapers to add with the album. I did the opening page with the same template I used for the first week to tell my emotion about the attack, and every day I added a screen print from the news that spoke to my heart.

This is a reworked template from Cathy Zielske. Printed and mounted on cardstock. To keep the design going I added a piece of paper I used throughout the first part.

                The funny thing about this week? I am really boring at lunchtime – can you tell?

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