I am so ready for Mallorca and Viva Bahia

                     I am so ready for the beach…

        …the pool…

     …chocolate cake…

 …delicious food…

     ….but most of all I look forward to lazy hours at the balcony…

But, before I go I have a few projects I need to finish. I have made a promise to myself to finish the two albums I have been working on before the end of the week. I can`t foucus on the same projects for weeks and weeks. Ink to the printer arrived in the mail today so I have been able to finish my “Week in the Life”-album.

One of the last pages in the first section. Thank you Camilla for hosting us in your beautiful home this weekend. I have to admit that I keep looking at those photos. The open space is so different from my own home and I love it.

62 pages. A lot more pages than I planned for. I did not plan on doing a second week and I run out of space. I wish I had done more  notes when things were said and done instead of trusting my own memory. Have to make a note about that for next year.

Still one page left to do. The last one. I still feel raw about what happened in Oslo and at Utøya at the beginning of my week and I need to make some distance before I write the text for the last page.  But for now I am finished. Moving forward to finish the next project. After that…it is Viva Bahia!

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