A change in plans

I wasn`t supposed to be picked up before tomorrow so I was sure I had all the time in the world to cross of my list…

Not. The call came when I had my haircut this morning. Pickup would be this afternoon. That is okay. I rather spend some time with the kids then cleaning the house. But I have to bring my jeans to hang out to dry when I arrive at Lyngstad:)

I still need to decide one more book title to bring. We all read the same books so I do try to bring something that can be interesting not just for me. I really hope I can get away with this without paying for extra weight.

About the weight…do I bring the photo-bag? Do I bring all the lenses? Do I need the camera when we travel without the kids?  After visiting the same place once or twice every year since 1993 I do find it hard to think of things I need to capture, and I am pretty sure the rest of the family will hate me if I start focusing on them. It is so different with the kids – they can`t defend themselves:)

I have to leave without finishing my projects…

But, I am sure they will wait for me when I come back…

Let the vacation start. Okay – I am not so exited for the first part of the travel. It is a 45 min drive:)

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