Learn something new every day

Every September Shimelle give her class “Learn something new every day”. As always her handouts are filled with inspiration. If you buy any of her classes she lets you follow the next years classes for free. The idea brilliant. The content in the class is pretty much the same but she always manage to add something to make it feel fresh. I have never finished this September class. About the time we hit week two I give up finding something new I learned that day. Perhaps I have to acknowledge the fact that I have a hard time learning:)

Due to the fact that the odds is against me regarding to finishing this album I choose to make an album I can bind myself. Still to decide how I want to do that…

This way I can add or remove the number of pages I need to make it look finished. A good plan I think:) So…what did I learn yesterday?

It is all about choices and that taking the first step is the hardest thing. If I only knew why the first step is so difficult to overcome…

This Friday evening is so different from the last one…

                        No dinner served. No red wine and no good company to enjoy…

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