In search for inspiration for a wedding album

My next project up is a wedding album. The wedding was back in July 2008 so it may be time to make that album:) I have made a few layouts as assignments in classes I have taken but I never had a plan.

This layout is from Nic Howard`s class Dimensional Details at BPC…

Romantic, pink and cute.

The next I made during Stacy Julian`s class Have more Fun at BPC back in 2008…

Another romantic, pink and cute.

Here is one from Shimelle`s class Go To Press at Two Peas…

Maybe the blue is more fitting? I can`t be sure but I do believe the bride had blue as a theme. Not that I remember seeing so much blue during the weeding:)

Next up is from May Flaum`s class Recipes for Scrapbook Success at BPC in 2009…

A scraplift from Nick Howard. This might be my favorite layout ever.

I made several wedding layouts in May`s class…

Layouts with more classy colors…

This is it. Not much to fill an album with. So sometime earlier this year I made some digital layouts. The idea was to make a 8×8 sized album…

I also printed a few in 12×12 and when they came back from print they looked so much better that I had them all printed in 12×12…

Now I have about 36 layout printed. The photos from the wedding is nothing to write home about so adding some brushes was a must to seal up the worst of back grounds. You know the fat ass that always showed in the back:)

And now I don`t know how to get this together. Finding inspiration for a wedding album was not so easy as I thought it would be. I would like to add more photos and stories and I need everything to work together.

I have searched all the online stores for paper and embellishment and have come up with nothing. I have search for design ideas and have come up with nothing. This is totally driving me crazy. This is one of those projects that will torture me until it is done.

I would welcome any inspiration or idea coming my way!

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1 Response to In search for inspiration for a wedding album

  1. Bernie Tuffs says:
    would this be any good? It’s really really beautiful!!
    Lovely photos btw 🙂
    Bernie x

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