Learn something new every day

In 2008 I did “30 days Hath September” with Stacy Julian in her class “Have More Fun” at Big Picture Classes. Every day we made an entry and it was so much fun…

 In 2009 I discovered Shimelle`s “Learn something new every day”. A class with daily prompts throughout the month of September. Since I had so much fun doing this the year before I decided to join in…

That did not go so well but I did finish day 12. With “the failure” from 2009 in mind I decided to let go in 2010. Not that I didn`t want to join in. It`s always hard to let go when you feel the buzz of a new class:)

This September I was ready for another try. I knew I wouldn`t be able to keep up with anything complicated  so I opted for something easy. Before I was obsessed about finishing my daily entry in the evening but now I let the day pass before I sat down in the morning and reflected about what went on the day before. Something always popped up and I search for a quote that said something about my day. And guess what? I finished my album!

The opening page…

I took a photo of myself September 1 and used that as a first page…

Some days I only added a quote…

And there were days I added the quote to the photo…

Most days I had the quote on one page and a photo on the other side – or whatever…

At the end I was cutting corners to be able to finish. I had pre-cut all the pages and didn`t have more paper to work with:)

Wonders! I can admire my finished mini album. All my thanks to Shimelle for the inspiration…

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2 Responses to Learn something new every day

  1. alexa says:

    I love this! So clean and simple, yet full of variation. Congratulations on finishing!

  2. Michelle says:

    Gorgeous book! I love it 🙂 Well done on finishing

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