How to add knew habits into your everyday life

Yes – I`m talking about good habits:) We are one week into Simplify 101`s class simplify your life with habits + routines online workshop and we are still working with the good habits. I don`t get that excited about losing the bad habits:)

Dinner every day. That is my new habit. Doing the dishes is also a necessity. I can go for months without dinner and be okay. The lifestyle is hardly healthy and I am ready for a change. Starting last Tuesday I have had dinner every day – and I have cleaned up before having coffee. May it last…

I know there will be days I will want to skip dinner. There will be days when all I can manage is to grab a snack before bed. There will be days when I have to work 15 hours shifts. The challenge is to go back to the good habits after those days.

I started the day sleeping through the alarm and I forgot my appointment with the hairdresser after work but I got to work in time and my hairdresser railed me in so I survived the day. A little work in my craft room before calling it a night…

Punches, mini album, chipboard bases for mini albums. I have weeded out the stuff I`m sure will not be used and sorted the rest. I have labeled the boxes ready to be put into a storage room. This is stuff I seldom use but if I for some reason need it they will be easy to get. Now I think it is time for me to clean my desk and do some scrapbooking. I have a double sketch I want to work on. (And I have some new stuff I`m itching to use)…

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1 Response to How to add knew habits into your everyday life

  1. alexa says:

    This looks like a great class – and you’re clearly pleased with progress so far. 🙂 Love your page at the top! and looking forward to seeing your next bit of scrapbooking.

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