How we celebrate a special day

How do we celebrate a special boy on his special day?

This Sunday the church had invited all 4-year-olds to the church to receive the book which is the church’s gift to all 4-year-olds in the parish. Our Kristian is 4 and he has been waiting to receive this book since his sister had hers two years ago…

Batman is not so tough today. He knows that he does not have to walk up the aisle alone to receive his book but he wants to be brave.

None of us thought he would have the courage to go alone, and of the 46 kids – there were only a few who did not have mom or dad with them.

He walked alone. Not dancing like his sister but he walked alone and he walked with firm steps.

We were so proud of him and he was even more proud of himself…

While the family attended the service grandpa stayed home and made dinner for us. Of course we had to celebrate this special day.

The boy didn`t care much about the dinner but he was very excited about helping his grandma decorate the cup-cakes his mother had made…

  I am so thankful that I could join my family on this special day. Celebrating this special boy and this special day.

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