Household chores

Household chores is not my favorite ting to do. Never have been and never will be. I`m perfectly happy doing just the minimum. Maybe a little less:) Through Aby Garvey`s classes at Simplify101 I have learned a few tricks.

In the spring 2009 when I took the first class I had to dig deep…

For the first time in my life I understood the concept of cleaning with a tooth-brush…

I finally found a new understanding of what to keep and not to keep. Why did I think I would every use table cloths with stains…

In 2010 I learned that new routines are not set in stone. It is so easy to let the clutter take over your life – again…

But most of the time I have been in control or I like to think so. Still – household chores are boring and no fun at all.

In Aby`s classes I also learned to organize my papers and I learned time management…

I wasn`t very successful in the goals department…

Well that`s almost true. I did good with a few things and totally missed on others. That`s life.

In this last class I learned about creating habits and routines. I never got around to the last lesson about getting rid of bad habits:) It is hard enough creating new habits. We were given a wonderful idea – and I took it and created my own “to do list – bingo”. This is Janine Adams`s idea so I will not go in details here but I reworked the idea to fit me and my need. I wrote everything I need to do on a piece of paper. I had three new habits I wanted to include – dinner, dishes, empty my email every day and one free spot. In addition I draw 21 notes out of the hat and place them randomly on a paper. Actually I have two stacks to draw from – one with things that take little time to do and things that need to be done at least every other week and one more with things that are done like once a month or less…

Since the class started three weeks ago I have had dinner every day and I love the excitement of the drawing of tomorrow`s to do list. Of course there should be a prize for every bingo but I havn`t come up with anything sweet enough yet. For now I am inspired enough to play along anyway:)

…and maybe – just maybe I don`t need to stress out about cleaning for Christmas…

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1 Response to Household chores

  1. alexa says:

    This looks like a great and intriguing idea – I’d love to know more! Glad it’s all working for you. 🙂

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