I am certainly not a drunk

I have been known to love a beer or five but that is a long time ago…

This morning when I attacked my “to do-bingo” I started with the thing I least wanted to do…

The pink square is telling me that I finish something I really don`t want to do. Today seeing it means I cleaned my fridge…

The good thing? I didn`t have to move so much stuff in and out. Wonder if it is possible to make dinner with this? Actually – the fear of cleaning the fridge keep me from filling it with things I don`t eat.

Sometimes being a scrapbooker is rewarded with funny moments. Besides the Creme Fraiche, the cauliflower and the cheese I found this…

The two beer cans are expired – but I did get a feeling of seeing this image before…

And yes – I made this page March 5 2008. I started scrapbooking January 2008. Lettersize – because I feared the big canvas of 12×12. One photo – because that was the in-thing at the time. Thickers – was a must. No journaling – I did not know better. The challenge – it was the beginning of the online-challenges. This was Ashley Wren`s success challenge – Overlooked. So sorry she “burned out”.

Wish I knew why I keep the beer cans:)

I keep de-cluttering my craft room…

Still working with the papers and I am moving slowly forward. I can feel the itch to scrapbook so maybe it is time to stop organizing and start scrapbooking? Or I might have a beer:)

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2 Responses to I am certainly not a drunk

  1. Lee says:

    Love the idea of “to do” bingo. Beer would last an equally long time in my fridge … wine, not so much! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  2. alexa says:

    That’s one tidy, tidy area! Almost as minimal as your fridge. 🙂

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