Photo organizing makes me feel overwhelmed any given day

Right before bedtime this evening I was browsing my folders for a photo and suddenly I stumbled upon Lightroom. All those photos from 2005, 2006 and 2007. Tagged and organized in files – and I can`t even remember doing it. That is an awful feeling. I must have spent a lot of time doing this and I can`t remember.

She was one and a half – and it was all about “The little bitsy spider”. She was singing and “climbing” with the spider all the time. It took hours for us to understand that she had learned a new song in kindergarten and that the singing and the “moves” was all about that song. She was so happy when we finally understood. (After hours searching the internet for children`s songs).

Maybe I should spend some time tagging and cataloging 2008? Because 2008 is all over the place:)

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2 Responses to Photo organizing makes me feel overwhelmed any given day

  1. alexa says:

    I am feeling the same way! I think my lack of catalogueing goes even further back that 2008! That is one delightful photo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I took the same course – is that how I “know” you? Thank you for visiting my blog Elinjanne. I have enjoyed looking at yours too. I have a similar experience with LOM. My “old” computer crashed and my tech was able to recover much of what was on the backup drive but I hadn’t backed up for about 200 days so lost a huge amount. A lesson learned about backing up right? So anyway recently I stumbled across the LOM files – how wonderfully easy to find what I need. I am amazed as you are just how I plowed through all of those pictures. It was from pics I had on “film” and slides which I had spent months converting to files on my computer right up to the last pic I’d uploaded to my photo editor.
    Thanks again for looking at my blog. I’m just learning how to make it work for me. I find it a bit overwhelming so far but I’ll get the hang of it!
    Good to see you, my friend in LOM!

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