Christmas shopping

Today was the day. We had invited the princess to go shopping for new shoes. Of course today was also the day for the first snow to arrive…

She is a real princess. We set out to shop for winter-shoes and came out with Timberlake-shoes and one pair of glittery shoes fitting for a princess…

This was not our choice of shoes but we do remember what happened last year when grandma came home with the wrong pair of shoes. Grandma had to go back to the shop and buy the shoes she wanted. So the princess got her way…

Wish I could say she was a happy shopper…

She has two pair of new shoes of her choice but she is still not happy as she stumps away from us. For some reason she is crying her heart out. It took a lot of more shopping, waffles and an ice-cream to make her happy again.

In the hour before bedtime. Kids in all ages can be challenged to draw a Christmas tree on the iPad.  Kind of hard to believe that the kids age is between 50 and 2…

…I will not tell who draw what.

Despite the horror of Christmas shopping we had a good December 2…

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1 Response to Christmas shopping

  1. Petra from NL says:

    Don’t know who drew which but my favourite is the one in the top left corner.

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