Sick leave

Sick leave from kindergarten. Snotty noses, coughs and fever – yes it is that time of the year. Grandma who was supposed to look after him when mum took the other two to school and kindergarten was snowed in at home and couldn`t get the car out so I was called in as a reserve…

Everything was okay until he realized the car was leaving with his mum…

Thankfully he didn`t have time to cry before his mother was back home.

It was a lot worse for grandma who had to walk in the awful weather for 30 minutes to borrow a car so she could take me to my dentist appointment:)

Reading all these December blogs certainly do good things for the Christmas spirit. That is a good thing because here where I stay at the moment the only thing that reminds me about Christmas is this…

Normally I go to my brothers home when I am in need for “more Christmas” but even they are having a more laid back attitude towards Christmas these days:)


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7 Responses to Sick leave

  1. Amy says:

    Well, we have two things in common; I had one home on sick leave as well today and quite truly, it doesn’t look much like Christmas here yet either!

  2. Janet Carr says:

    Your photography is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Katie Scott says:

    So I was trying to figure out where you live – are you in Molde, Norway? I had a friend in college from Norway and her family lived about an hour out of Oslo, I’ll have to look up exactly where. I went to visit her family during my senior year of college and we got to see Oslo – if I remember correctly I think someone had just stolen the Scream painting (I went in spring 1989 – is that the correct name of that painting?) and we went to the Olympic Grounds and the museum with the Viking Ship. I loved Norway and my friend, Britta (her last name started with an O and was seriously long and I am not sure I could even attempt to spell it now), anyway, Britta introduced me to “brown cheese” and my son and I love it and get it as often as we can find it as its not always in our supermarket. And Epcot does a fairly nice job with its Norway exhibit and my daughter and I eat dinner there whenever we are there since the princesses are there – and it is the best food (that and Japan). Ok, so that’s my extensive knowledge of Norway 😉

    P.S. Those paper towels are so cute.

  4. Lorraine says:

    Do you not have lights up around town?

  5. Roberta says:

    You are so sweet to help out with the kids…hard when they are sick! I’ve been praying for grandbabies but seeing your adventures for DD is making me be careful for what I’m wishing for…lol Thanks for stopping by my blog and supporting my album adventure as well. Fondly, Roberta

  6. Estelle says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog !!! You have a lot of snow !!! Here, lot’s of children (and adults) are sicks, too …
    Kisses from France !!!

  7. Heidi (aka move4life) says:

    from LOAD but here via Ali’s December Daily (from her Mr Linky)…. happy holidays!!
    Heidi (aka move4life)

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