Two weeks before Christmas

My one week of vacation time is almost over and I wish I had felt a little more energized at the end. Of course I had to grab the cold that is having everyone in a tight grip. Thankfully I don`t feel as bad as the rest of the family…

The third one also stayed home today. Not because he was sick but because he really felt it was his turn to stay home. Or…because there is a lot of stomach flue going in the kindergarten and I don`t think mum could have handled one more bug on the top of the other.

I was given a gift today.

A bunch of paper cuts. The princess thought it was a good idea to give it to me. I could use it in my scrapbooking. I really didn`t want to take the rubbish with me so I came up with this great idea that they could curl them up to “paper-pearls” and we could make a necklace of them. Good idea – but five minutes later the kids came downstairs and presented a better idea; I could make them…

So – here I am curling paper. She would rather make a page for our December Daily album. He would rather wrap a gift…

I did not work fast enough for them but I was allowed to go to my brother`s place to have dinner…

Not our own – our own fish is not ready for the dinner table yet…and no red wine today:)

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3 Responses to Two weeks before Christmas

  1. Janet Carr says:

    Soooooo sorry that everyone is sick!!!!! Hope everyone gets well quick!!!!!! Hope you have a restful weekend!!! And wonderful pictures!!!!!! 😉

  2. Missscrap says:

    Your photos are splendide! Xxxxxx

  3. Rosie N. says:

    Those poor kids, pray they get healthy quick and you stay healthy for and through the holiday!

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