The third is down for the count

It was bound to happen…

Hopefully this will be over with before the Christmas celebrations gets serious, or perhaps not – there is still the stomach flu to consider:)

I am home after my vacation and have began test-printing and playing around with how to make the December album.  I already had the December Daily templates from an earlier year designed by Ali Edwards and I love how they print in 8×8. The original plan was to do this hybrid and I like the pages I have printed this evening. No light to take a photo this evening so here is the digital page I made before printing. A busy morning for dad…Even the cat wanted some comfort:)


The poor children were left with me as a babysitter while mum and dad was out for dinner. They were crying and begging before the parents left but we still had a lot of fun. I know how to do this…let everyone do whatever they want to do. ( And feed them with what they want)…




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4 Responses to The third is down for the count

  1. Camilla Blue says:

    Love the layout of the second page. Really lovely. So fun.

  2. Marie L says:

    So sorry everyone’s been sick. That’s no fun. Still loving your pages though!

  3. really love the first layout, so clean and perfect! great job! flavia

  4. Janet Carr says:

    G O R G E O U S!!! Love the clean LO’s!!!!!

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