December Daily – Day 13

So – what happened December 13? One thing for sure – the little guy hanging on my kitchen wall at midnight was to no help. The dishes are still left in the sink. He is forgiven. (At this point I do want to stay friendly with Santa).

These last days I have been thinking about what to concentrate on in 2012. My Christmas gift to myself was Stacy Julian`s class Twelve at Big Picture Classes…

I bought the class before I knew what it was all about. I did not want to miss out on any class with Stacy Julian. Now I am stressing about finding embellishments in all the colors:) The online stores are fewer and they do not have that much to choose from. Of course I don`t use much stuff anyway and I am sure the class will be good with or without the stash.

Then there is One Little Word  with Ali Edwards…

Love how my word for 2010 – Balance worked out for me. Still haven`t decided on my word for 2012 but I  have an idea. The prompts for 2012 will be the same as 2011 but the email coming in the first every month  inspire me to focus on my goals.

I think 2012 will be a good year for getting back in shape, and by that I mean loosing kilo without much exercise:) Since I am a scrapbooker and like to document and journal I did join Cathy Zielske`s class  Move More – Eat Well – 2012 . Like I said; Eat well and forget the move more.

Now back to work on my December Daily album.

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1 Response to December Daily – Day 13

  1. Antoinette Naude says:

    How fun!
    I just bought the same two classes (+ the CZ type class too) about an hour ago!
    Woohoo for us!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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