An ordinary December day

Icy parking lots. Viewing of a tiny house for sale. “Lutefisk” from our own production for dinner. Christmas dinner for Christmas day is ready for the freezer. Staying warm in the chilly weather. A totally ordinary December day.

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2 Responses to An ordinary December day

  1. Karen Moore says:

    I’m curious … since you’re making lutefisk for your Christmas dinner, are you also making lefse? That’s one of our family’s favorite!!! I’m going to attempt to make it by myself (the first time ever) and hope I succeed. My older brother used to make it every year and send us some – to the great delightful of myself and my girls. Since he passed away we haven’t had any and so I am heating up my griddle and giving it a shot! LOVE your blog and all the pages you’ve shared so far of your DD. Merry Christmas, from a displaced Minnesotan who now lives in Texas, Karen

  2. Missscrap says:

    I love your photos !! It’s a great “ordinary day ” !!

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