Little Christmas Eve

Christmas has arrived. December 23 – the day before the big day. The work is done. My bags were packed last night and after work today I drove over to my brother`s home where Christmas dinner was boiling on the stove…

This is not a common Christmas dinner in Norway:) I think it is safe to say that this is a very special dish. Mainly it is dried lamb rib that is chopped in small pieces and it is boiled in milk for about 24 hours. It look awful but it is a treat to be served. (At least it is when you get used to how it looks).

Little Christmas Eve is also an evening we love to play with things that moves…

He is a pro with the helicopter. Grandma had bought a small radio-controlled car to each but the princess was not happy to receive a” boy gift”, but pleased to point out that it is Christmas…

Of course grandma had a little more girly stuff in her drawer:)

Earlier tonight the kids helped decorating the tree for the first time. That was a fun experience for me – maybe not so much for the parents…

I don`t think mum and dad had this in mind for their tree this year and I bet this will look a lot “better” in the morning:)

I had the pleasure of reading for the two oldest at bedtime. And bedtime came late this evening. Kristian is always at sleep first but today he came into his sister`s room. He wanted to sit beside us and crawled into a chair. His sister was worried that he might be cold so she brought all their bathrobes and put around him. He was flying high…what would Santa bring in the morning?

Why would Santa visit in the morning Christmas Day? Because he will come to collect his cube of sugar. A cube of sugar hidden in a shoe beside the bed of sleeping kids…

One thing for sure…someone has to be up bright and early in the morning because Kristian will be a wake very early.

She is believes in the higher power and that Santa will be more willing to give if he gets two cubes of sugar…

We will wait to see if Santa takes bribes.

The children got their second cousins ​​in a week today. Yet another boy. A boy who was born a little early after a troublesome birth. The child and the child’s mother is now in hospital in two different cities. The children here are too small to worry about it but the parents are worried. Christmas Eve is a great day to be born, and we send all good thoughts of the child and parents.

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2 Responses to Little Christmas Eve

  1. Katie Scott says:

    Oh my – if Santa had to eat sugar cubes out of my kids shoes – I don’t think he’d leave anything.

  2. Amy says:

    Merry Christmas Elin, I hope baby and Mum are doing well soon!

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