December 24

Bad weather is good for my productivity.

It`s not easy to fall asleep in the evening December 23. Even Kristian wanted to sit in on the reading that night…

Truth is – they were not interested in the reading. The shoe with the sugar-cube was sitting by the bed and all they wanted to talk about was what Santa would bring after they had fallen asleep. He was up before 5am and he was like a bomb waiting to explode all day…

Not long after a late breakfast he could be seen napping…

So…how to the parents hold up? The sleeping beauty above made sure everyone was up bright and early at 5am including his dad…

It is only one thing that would create a moment in peace at Christmas Eve and that is the Christmas bath…

We have a traditional Christmas lunch – rice porridge. One bowl for Santa and the youngest one is always the first to sit down at the table…

A few minutes later he is asleep. He needed that nap:)

This Christmas we celebrated without the kids. Just the three of us. We have done that once before and we are okay with that. Our parents always said that it was nice to celebrate Christmas as a family but it was up to the young families to decide how they wanted to celebrate. I think that is a good advice. Young families need to create their own traditions. Sometimes that includes us – sometimes not.

We had a good evening with tasty dinner and a good wine. The dried lamb ribs have been cooking in milk for 24 hours and was perfect. And we did have company after dessert…

Tor and his fiance Marita celebrated Christmas in Trondheim and it was their first Christmas alone in their own home. For an hour it was like we were all together. Okay – it is a little funny that the young ones residence in kitchen glass on the counter, but it was the only way we all could stay in view:)

A good Christmas Eve.

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2 Responses to December 24

  1. Katie Scott says:

    We are almost there! I’m finishin up my album & I have loved following along with yours this month!

  2. missscrap says:

    I love your pages ! it’s a very beautiful album !!

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