December 25

Christmas Eve we received an extreme weather warning and on the Atlantic Road we could see the storm “Dagmar” acting up…

Early Christmas Day we had no worries. The kids were happy and busy. On the Atlantic Road we could see that the storm “Dagmar” was on her way…

He was happy about cars he unwrapped in the evening but more so he was happy about new tools…

He was happy for the new  racing track and he loved that his mother put it all together for him…

So many bits and pieces that needs to be put together. Adding batteries is a challenge and you can bet there were a lot of stuff needing batteries:)

She had no time to play…

She had a hotline to Santa and he came with the stuff she wanted the most. I like that about her – that she can dig in the dirt and turn around and be a doll.

Then it was all about the storm. No electricity. No telecommunications lines. Just the storm. We thought we were in the storm’s center. In the morning it was clear that we were the lucky ones. Right around the corner people woke up to sailboats in their garden…

Living one step from the shore is wonderful most days but not on days like this. And then it got worse…roads gone, houses destroyed. Still there are thousands with no electricity. Thankfully no life were lost. Not before today. Clearing the power lines is dangerous work.

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2 Responses to December 25

  1. alexa says:

    Oh my goodness … where on earth are you? Glad you are OK and sorry for those who are not … Your photos are splendid, both of the sea and the family.

  2. Karen Moore says:

    So glad you didn’t have any damages! How long was the electricity out? I LOVE the first photo you posted in this blog – it’s really beautiful! I’ve signed up to be notified when you make new entries. Following you during Ali’s DD has been such fun!

    Karen in Texas

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