Move More, Eat Well 2012

January 1 is not a good day to decide on your New Year`s resolutions. The expert just said so in the radio. I am way ahead of the expert because I have worked on my goals for 2012 for weeks now. On top of my list is move more and eat well. Hm…maybe that isn`t the truth – it`s more like eat less and eat less. The moving thing is just not my favourite thing to do…

I know I can eat less and I can eat healthy but to be sure I have the tools I need I signed up for an online weight club – . Because I have had success with this membership before and I know it works for me. The big challenge of course is to maintain the weight but that is for later.

Now the moving part…I know I have to move even if I don`t want to so I signed up for Cathy Zielske`s class at Big Picture Classes – Move More, Eat Well. Yesterday we had one hour video chat with Cathy and it was so inspiring to listen to her. The class will run through 2012 and the chat is available in the class room. While the laundry was done I prepared for the class…

Cathy offers beautiful templates for the album so that the scrapbooker in us can document the journey. She is using a 8,5 x 11 album. I wanted one of those but the page protectors she is using is not available so I went with plan B. Plan B is an ordinary office binder 6 x 8 and I reworked the templates for my need. It works just fine. Since I love to journal when I am focusing on something I also plan to use a Moleskine for my daily thoughts and worries.

I guess I have to befriend the monster again…

Wish me luck because the princess was the last one to use this – weeks before Christmas…

And no way am I moving outside…

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2 Responses to Move More, Eat Well 2012

  1. Lois Houston says:

    I’m thinking about joining the class myself. I love your pages – are they all from her templates? I’ll be watching your progress!! And I agree about staying indoors!

  2. sjvdh says:

    thanks for the inspiration…I just joined in as well !!

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