Happy New Year

This photo was taken last year when we celebrated New Years Eve visiting my nephew in Trondheim. I am sorry to say that this was an awful evening – for me. What I didn`t know at the time was that I was having a gall stone attack. Those attacks would give me hell again and again in the months to come until I was diagnosed and had surgery in June.

We came home from Trondheim January 1. On our way home we got a call from of my other nephew – his baby son had fallen one floor down head first and was brought to the emergency room. It was not a good drive home but Baby Tor Magnus was okay.

It was going to get worse. January 2 while I was busy taken stock at work the phone came. The phone you rather don’t want to receive. My cousin Helga was found unconscious on the floor and was taken to the hospital. In our small family that was having an impact on every one of us. She was 53. In a few months I would be 50 and this made me realize how vulnerable I was. How vulnerable we all are.

I cried a lot in the next two weeks. I gave up trying to stay strong. I cried for Helga, I cried for her daughters and I cried for myself. That didn`t help much…

January 21 we had to say goodby. We talk so much about being a family. Being a family during the good days is so easy. Being a family on days like this is also easy. It is all the other days that is a challenge. We all pulled together in January. In the years to come this event will always be in connected to the January day when we count the stock at work.

It is safe to say that for me the first fours months of 2011 was all about these two events – Helga`s death and my own gall stone attacks. In April when I was to celebrate my 50th birthday I was laying in bed screaming in pain…

In May I was on sick leave having pain attacks several times a week. Some days I had three. I was so sick my family made me stay at my nephew`s home  Despite the pain, I had the pleasure of living close to the family’s children for weeks at a time…

And I am so grateful for this time. Staying with them for a longer time gave me the opportunity to become better acquainted with each and every one of them. There were everyday adventures and there were Sunday adventures…

…and there were days with sunshine and happiness…

I had surgery June 20. That was an amazing experience.  My first visit to the hospital since birth. I was admitted at nine o’clock and sat home and ate dinner at four. Followed by almost three weeks of recovery. At the end of my sick leave we finally travelled to Oslo to visit family. A trip we should have done years ago. With what happened back in January we knew it was time to go…

So glad we did because we were just in time to see Syver and Camilla`s home before they moved out:) It was very nice to meet family at their turf because usually they are visiting us.

July 22  2011 was a black day in Norway. A dark day followed by red roses and good thoughts. We were personally affected because my cousin`s daughter was hit with five bullets…

She survived and is doing okay but like all the others at Utøya she will have to live with the scares for the rest of her life. It was a strange time. All the horror that happened mixed with all the good things going on…

In August we had our vacation in Mallorca – Viva Bahia and we had company of the young couple…

The young couple has sat  weeding date – August 11 2012. Already we are looking forward to that. A lot of planning is going on. A lot of discussion. Romance and money don`t go hand in hand so we have had a lot of  discussions going on lately:)

Fall has past without any big events. Just the usual daily happenings and those days are the best. We have had a nice December – documented in details:)

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for 2011!

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