Colors – my weakest point

Sign up for one Stacy Julian`s classes and I know I will be challenged about my fear for colors in addition to all the other challenges she give us. Red, blue, green and yellow… yes those are the colors I know. The rest I know nothing about. Not even the names.

When asked to choose one color for a theme I struggle…

The real challenge came when Stacy asked us to print one more set of lists and the other set came out with a different color. Of course the first set was printed when my ink was new and the other set much later. The confusion was total. In the end I let it go because I know the color-thing is just for fun – mostly…

The real challenge for me is to collect embellishments in each color to put in a muffin-tin. I do not use many embellishments and back in November I purged the little I had. A few brads, buttons and stickers are all I have left. Knowing about this class for some time I have search the online stores for things I like with no result and with the prize of shipping I am reluctant to order from abroad.

The embellishment is supposed to have a home in a muffin tin. A muffin tin! I have never made a muffin in my life and I do not plan to ever do that. Substitutes?

Sometimes I feel like a clever girl:) Maybe not so clever – just eager to please:)

I think this will work for me. Now I had to search for bit and pieces with the right color. Not have much success here but there is no reason to worry about that I just wanted to add a few things to get a feeling for what it was all about. You never know – it might be fun…

And now is a good time to clean my desk. I know – I said so two days ago. Oh well…



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1 Response to Colors – my weakest point

  1. alexa says:

    That’s a clever solution! I’m not seen a muffin tin either and am guessing it might be what we call over here a bun tray but I’m none too sure – a case of Lost In Translation! Your idea is much prettier. 🙂

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