One Little Word – 2012

In 2011 my word was Balance and I love what it did for me. In November I felt strongly about the word Change for 2012. Already I knew that I wanted to focus on keeping balance in my life, I knew I wanted to focus on moving more – eating well, I knew I wanted to focus on work and I need to focus on my creative passion.

The one thing I am good at is focusing. I am very good at focusing – on one thing at a time. But, I have more than one thing I want to change in 2012 and that`s the reason my word Change was rejected. I need to Focus

Last year I added the monthly prompts to my ordinary album sized 12×12. In 2012 I will add them to the binder I made for CZ`s “Move More and Eat Well” class because I feel strongly that they belong together…


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2 Responses to One Little Word – 2012

  1. Lois Houston says:

    that is my word for 2012, also, although I haven’t yet put any pages together. I’m planning to sign up for Ali’s class next month. Wasn’t in my budget this month after Project Life and Move More/Eat Well! 🙂 Love seeing your pages.

  2. alexa says:

    What a very pretty page and front cover … And wishing lots of joy in the discoveries on focus this year.

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