I have seen daylight even if I stayed inside and played with the color-wheel

It has been so long since I saw daylight. It feels like it has been dark, windy and wet like forever. There is no good light in my craft room and that makes it all more challenging for someone who struggles with colors in the first place. The good thing – in daylight I could find the dust-bunnies in here…

On Wednesday I had a man coming here to see if he could help me renovating this room. I have given up on my brother because he has all too much to do without me pushing. I could see the man was struggling to believe me when I said that I already had the room emptied and that the stuff he saw was just a few tools and the computer stuff . He should have seen the living room and the room next door:)

I have finished all my ongoing projects, I have cleaned my desk and I have finished the set up for “Twelve” – the new Big Picture Classes adventure. I have paired the colors to my themes but since I struggle remembering what color goes with what I made this chart…

Listening once more to Stacy`s message I decided to set up folders on my computer…

At least they are cute to look at…

 Inside the color-file I have  files for paper, elements and ideas for pages…

The main reason for doing this is that non of my digi stuff is tagged and I don`t want to spend so much time digging for a red button. I am a paper scrapper even if I enjoy the world of digital scrapbooking so I can`t see myself spending time tagging the stuff – but I did hit delete a lot:) You know all the free stuff you really don`t love or like:)

Here is inside my red file – elements…

I have added almost 12 ideas for pages to every theme but I am sure this will change in the upcoming months. All the work is done – maybe it is time for a page or two? I know I have to do something because a clean desk has never inspired me:)

Maybe I will warm up with a page about this one…

The photographer is his almost five-year old brother. That maybe why he is showing his most radiant smile? I could make a page about him and me or I could make a page about why I am so happy to be his “super-aunt”? Oh the possibilities…

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2 Responses to I have seen daylight even if I stayed inside and played with the color-wheel

  1. alexa says:

    You seem incredibly well-prepared to me! Colour-coding all your digital elements is a clever idea and is bound to make it quicker and more enjoyable – looking forward to more!

  2. What an interesting concept! I appreciate your sharing about the class. I love Stacy and enjoy her blog and I know how she loves color. (I hope to one day organize all my sbing stuff by color like she has hers.) Right now I can’t afford to sign up for one more thing, but feel like I’m getting a peak into her class through you! I’m still working on my December Daily – just waiting for the last bunch of photo’s to come in the mail this week and I’m also going to start Project Life. I’ve ordered the page protectors but am not buying the kit. Hoping to use up some of my stash that I’ve been collecting for 13 years! lol Thanks for sharing what you’re doing!!!

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