Pen Pals

Did you have pen pals when you were young? I did. I had many pen pals from all over the world; USA, Korea, New Zealand and France. Last year my brother called to ask if I wanted to keep the file with my old letters – I did not. A few days later the file arrived here anyway.

In Twelve – the BPC class, last week was all about celebrating the holidays. This week we walk down the memory lane and the theme is places. Someone said; “what about the places we dream about visiting”… Oh, I dreamed about visiting those places I read about. I remember my mother`s exitment about the letters from the other side of the world. I remember me struggling to translate while she hardly could keep her mouth shut. She was a chatter my mother:)

I had forgotten all about this boy. The first letter came in the early 1977 when he was in high school. In 1979 he joined the army and the last sign of life was a Christmas card in 1980. It was so fun to read the letters. I am saving two letters and a few things. I will not be making a layout about my pen pal but I have a story to save about the fun of having a pen pal from a different culture. Remember this was way before the internet:)

Before I go wild document my places – here`s a little celebrating…

                       Celebrating Easter…this Easter he was never far from his wheels. 

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1 Response to Pen Pals

  1. The Easter page is lovely. You’ve tied in all the colors in the picture with the page so well. I’m envious.

    Why not make a layout about your pen pal? With all the letters and such that you have, I think it would be visually interesting. Especially with the envelopes–they could add dimension, and you could put things in them! (sorry, like a child, I am fascinated by pages you can interact with.)

    Keep scrapbooking and sharing 🙂

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