Radio waves – the Facebook of 1976

Places…near and far. Among all the places I have lived and visited it is one place that have a special place in my heart – the kitchen in my childhood home…

Not because of the colors of the walls but the food served, the fun, the talks…we were always in the kitchen. Funny thing is – we still are where ever we are. When I located this photo last night I wanted to make a layout about the kitchen and the colors of the wallpaper. In my album where I found the photo the text read: 21274, 21274 – it is 23686. Jan – are you there? No more journaling but I remember the evening the photo was taken. My dad was home to celebrate his 50th birthday – January 21 1976.

21274, 21274 – it` s 23686. Jan, are you there?

The same time, as Tormod starts s-electro at Eide Samvirkelag comes the first “walkie-talkie” into our kitchen, and dad Johnny has got himself a hobby. Friday night he comes home from work in Molde, we eat dinner, update each other with the week’s events and it’s out on the air.

Out there in the radio waves he found old acquaintances and new friends. Soon the voices of the speaker became people who came on Sunday visits. Some came to greet, some came with the fish – but many people came for help to repair the equipment.

Soon the handheld radio wasn`t enough – proper equipment were required and the antennas became larger and larger. Always there was a carrier bag with old equipment that was given to him to repair.
Mom served coffee and food at all hours. Dad did what he was most talented at – he was hosting.

They started the Private Radio Club Tango, they had meetings and they had Christmas parties. But it was in the kitchen the radio created joy and fun. So many dark winter
evenings we gathered in the kitchen while jokes and laughter went back and forth on the radio waves. In contrast to today’s Facebook and Twitter, this was something we all participated in.

When my dad later became ill and had to retire from active employment, it was good to have a hobby going. A hobby that was social. …a hobby, in which he already had a network of people, where many were in the same situation as him. Picture January 1976.

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